The cost of using a reviewer you may not have thought of!?

Cost of using a reviewer

I believe that everyone should have heard and are familiar with the phrase. “Everything has its cost.” Well, today we’re going to talk about the indirect and direct costs of marketing in the form of reviewers. Famous people or Influencer Marketing that you may not have thought of! The same is true for other forms of marketing. Using a reviewer costs more than you might think. These costs include the time and resources the employer must allocate to facilitate and manage the services. throughout the campaign period

Basically, in this article, we’ll break down the cost of using a reviewer into four main areas:

1. Of course, the first cost that everyone has to think about is “Reviewers’ fees” or what we call budget / BG, budget here ranges from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of millions. by various values These are determined by many factors. Both from the type of product – service of the brand. Difficulty in presenting Conditions or details of the job Including the reviewer’s follower count also applies to the reviewer’s pay. For the most part, the reviewer’s pay is inversely proportional to the number of followers, in other words, the more followers. The more expensive it is! But a small trick in choosing our reviewers as a brand owner or a skilled marketer, we have to be wise to choose the reviewers that match the target group of products and services. It is important not to forget to consider the number of likes, shares, and comments on each reviewer’s post. Also known as engagement is the amount of engagement between reviewers and followers. If you are a reviewer who has a high fall but actually has as low engagement as someone who has less than tens of thousands of followers. Considering a reviewer with a low number of falls but high engagement may be more cost-effective in terms of investment and results.

2. “Product cost and service charge” is another cost that brands must allocate and manage to achieve maximum value. even if it is an existing product or service But do not forget that this is another cost that brands have to pay as well.

3. “Campaign Management Time Cost” As mentioned in the beginning, it is about time. Many people forget to think about this, but in reality it is. The cost of time is another cost that is bigger than everyone thinks. The time cost of managing a reviewer campaign starts in the process. think to create a campaign Determining the objective (objective) and target group (target) of the campaign, planning, searching for reviewers. Coordination includes arranging review appointments as well as following up at the end of the campaign.
The process of finding reviewers from day one to meeting the terms and conditions and completing the campaign can take from weeks to months. And sometimes it may drag on until the year ever. Campaign managers should carefully plan their timing from the first day to the last day of the campaign in order to avoid compromising the timing. Also, in some campaigns we will need multiple reviewers from tens to hundreds. The co-ordination time capital here may be more substantial than previously thought. An appointment facilitator may therefore be another option that we can arrange to pay a lower cost here.

4. The last cost that we will talk about today is “Review Location Access Capital” In some campaigns, it is necessary to use a review location, whether it be a cafe, restaurant, studio, or service location. Using these locations is superficial. Maybe nothing but deep Inside is the opportunity to use the location to increase sales for that store. Therefore, managing the reviewer’s access to the location to create content effectively has to come at the cost of facilitating. Ease of access and leads for location use as well. Appointments for reviewers need to be configured to keep costs under control.

Having read this far, I believe that many people should be able to visualize the cost of using more reviewers that there is more to it than they thought. As written in the beginning If we have a comprehensive plan, have a backup plan, have effective communication. Review work tracking We will be able to control the cost of the campaign very well and achieve the results that are worth the satisfaction that we expect. Or if these costing calculations are too much, you can also look for an agency that can help you alleviate your costs at Line OA @instants.