There are types of reviewers. and how to choose the right reviewer for the campaign

Today we’re going to talk about the types of reviewers. (reviewer / influencer) how many levels there are So what is the significance of each level? What type of reviewer do you use that will best meet your brand’s needs?

Why do we need to know the different levels? of the reviewers as well how is it important because each campaign Each brand has a marketing purpose. There are different target groups. If we do not study these May make our marketing campaign not as successful as we had planned. How we know the reviewer level Know the audience of reviewers. This will make our campaign more effective. 

At a simpler overview, we can divide reviewers into 4 levels, and what criteria do we use to rate reviewers? The answer is a reviewer’s follower count. more followers It will be at a higher level. What follows is that the cost of the reviewer (budget) will be higher and can reach a larger group of people as well. 

There are 4 levels of reviewers based on their number of followers. It is divided into different levels as follows: 

The first level, Nano Influencer, this level will have a total of 1000 – 10,000 followers.

It is considered as an entry-level reviewer with few followers. Compared to other levels, but don’t just decide not to choose a reviewer at this level, why? It’s a group with a small follower base. But the followers of this level of reviewer have a preference for lifestyle. Including how to present different types of content with a small number of followers. Reviewers of this level dare to say. Or reviews honestly, sincere, making them very reliable. Plus, most of their followers are friends or acquaintances in real life. Many brands use this level of reviewers. because the cost is not high But getting results that are expected from word-of-mouth marketing that looks real. Or maybe focusing on the number to make the Influencer Bomb create a social impact with the amount. 

Which brand is suitable for Nano Influencer reviewers? A brand that is really suitable for reviewers of this level. Compatible with all brands It’s more about the purpose of marketing, but any Nano influencer is perfect for a brand that is just starting out. Want to create volume-driven marketing Stimulate the consumer’s appetite by seeing through the eyes of many Someone who looks like a trend from someone close to him

Second level Micro influencer at this level will have a number of followers in the range of 10,000 – 100,000 people. 

In modern times, there are many reviewers of this level. It can be said that it is the very first and the content of this type of reviewer. Interesting, fun, a group that may be just starting out with new content. and started to get attention So it’s a great opportunity for our brand to bring these reviewers to work with them. Because it will get quite a lot of attention. and have a group of followers or a fairly clear person base This allows us to work with the target audience very well. And will allow us to have satisfactory results that follow. Importantly, reviewers at this level will have a fairly clear type of content. That’s why we can choose to use it to meet our needs. The brand’s target audience can be diverse as well. 

So what brand or campaign is right for this type of reviewer?  ? With this level of reviewers having content that is quite clear, such as food, travel, lifestyle, consumer reviews, etc., it is suitable for a specific brand or campaign. Want to present the campaign to a specific audience? And it’s a group that uses the budget of reviewers that are not too high. 

Third level Macro Influencer, this level will have a number of followers in the range of 100,000 – 1M.

A reviewer of this level might be a celebrity, celebrity, reviewer, YouTuber, blogger who is quite successful. It is well known in the social world. and has a very strong influence on people in society What is it called? Viewers may even be curious, want to know, want to buy accordingly. A reviewer at this level will have a follower base. The fan base is quite strong. Or as we call it, there are quite a lot of royalty per reviewer. Reviewers at this level tend to produce content fairly regularly. Lifestyle or content in the content is quite clear and very professional. 

So which type of reviewer is right for a brand or campaign? The answer is suitable for medium to large brands. Because it requires a relatively high budget for reviews in the campaign. want to do campaigns regularly I want to create Brand Awareness. Simply put, I want the brand to be widely known. Want to increase your audience to a larger size Including adding new target groups for the brand as well. 

Fourth Level Reviewer Last Level Mega Influencer This level is widely known 1M+ followers. 

This reviewer is known. Familiar faces very well whether they are celebrities, celebrities, singers YouTuber, Blogger, Writer, Successful accepted in society and has a high influence on people in society These reviewers will have the strongest fan base. It is said to have a relatively high royalty. No matter what you pick up, review It can motivate people on social media as well.

So what kind of brand or campaign is this reviewer right for? A reviewer of this level will be quite costly. It is therefore suitable for large brands or campaigns. who want to build credibility, create Brand Awareness in a large number of people The content or campaigns that come out are highly professional and highly reliable. 

believe that when we know different levels of reviewers better, can be adapted to meet the purpose More relevant to the audience of our brands and campaigns. Followers alone cannot be a guarantee that our campaign will be successful on a large scale. We need to study and take into account other factors of reviewers, such as likes. Press share, engagement, reaction, feedback from viewers. These are all important variables in our brand campaigns. Therefore, we need to study these things in choosing different levels of reviewers.